You can say what you do

A guide to help you untangle the introduction for your heart-centred business

product coverAre you struggling to come up with an introduction statement for your business?

You know, the short form of words that tells people what you’re about and draws the right ones in for a longer conversation. (Sometimes known as an elevator pitch. Yuck.)

Lots of people find these really hard, and end up spending a lot of time, getting frustrated, and getting to the point where they don’t know what they’re saying any more. There are reasons why this can be even tougher for heart-centred business owners.

What this is

Tim photoHi, I’m Tim Gray. I’m seeing a lot of people stuck on this at the moment. Most of it is to do with unpacking and structuring ideas, wrangling words and understanding how your mind can trip you up.

That’s why I’ve made this guide. It’ll help you understand the process better and guide you toward a workable intro that catches the important stuff and opens conversations.

What you get

It’s a 15-page pdf, laid out for easy reading.

The first part tells you useful things:

  • reasons why creating an intro can be so hard
  • the two jobs the intro needs to do
  • tips for making the process easier on yourself.

The second part is an intro builder exercise that you can print off and use as a workbook. You start by writing down the ‘ingredients’, then it guides you through assembling and refining a prototype introduction you can test drive.

There’s no magic wand solution. It’ll probably still need head-scratching and multiple attempts. But the exercise will help you get the right things in about the right balance and knock it into shape.

What they say

On my e-course ‘Design your message into your website’:

Karen Campos“What an attractive package! … The interactive workbook inspired thoughtful choices as I was guided easily through the steps. Everything I need to help me find the right words and deliver an effective message on my site.”

Karen Campos, freelance assistant

Grab it now

The price is $30. (About £24. Payment is via Gumroad. VAT may be added, depending on your location.)

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