Getting the words right clarity session

Are you getting stuck and frustrated trying to focus your ideas into a piece of text that just won’t come right?

People at computerMaybe you’re trying to craft a good introduction statement for your business and you’ve got to the point where you can’t see the wood for the trees any more.

Or perhaps you’ve been working on a project – like a book or course or service – and now you need a blurb to tell other people about it, and suddenly you’re wading through treacle?

This package

How about someone who’s good at ideas and words, with a fresh perspective, working with you on a live call?

We’ll go on Skype or phone for an hour, release some of that steam, unpack the ideas and hammer out the text in a shared document. Then you can get unstuck and move on.

Why can this be so hard?

There are good reasons. It’s definitely not just you!

All of us have limited reserves of perspective. It’s hard to see your own work with the fresh view that’ll let you improve it and focus on the key points for your readers.

When you’ve been in the middle of your mad experiment/magnum opus/empire in the making, with all the bits scattered around in your mind, it can be a shock to the system when people want you to describe it from outside. And, of course, that’s asking us to make a public commitment to what our thing is and does. Scary!

So it’s easy to get stressed, and get contradictory input from well-meaning sources, and dig yourself into a hole making revisions while losing sight of what you want to achieve and what your audience needs.

Working with me

Tim photoHi, I’m Tim Gray. This is the stuff I’m good at: playing with ideas, reshaping words to get the message across, coming up with the right one to fit, and being sensitive to people’s processes and blockages.

On the call we’ll talk about what you’re trying to achieve, then we can work on your text in an online document. I’ll probe gently with questions and jump in to suggest and rework text. At the end you can save the document to keep and use.

How to go ahead

The investment for this is £150.

If you’d like to arrange a call, or to find out more, please mail me. (I usually check mail a couple of times a day.)

Tell me what you’re looking for help with. If we don’t already know each other, give me a couple of sentences about who you are and what you do. A couple of suggestions for when you’re available would be useful.


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