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Tim Gray headshotI help people doing ethical and heart-centred work to find the right words to say what they do, and create writing and websites that show their message with clarity, authenticity and connection.

It’s all about presenting your information, with a cluster of services using helpful conversations and practical work to make the path to reaching your audience less bumpy.

Is this where you’re coming from?

You want to make things better, in a big way or a small way. You’ve got ideas and experience you want to share with people.

But then you’re confronted with the ‘hows’ of doing that, through websites, ebooks, downloads, social media and whatnot.

And let’s acknowledge that it can be really difficult to talk about yourself and your work in the way that other people need if they’re to engage with you. When we immerse ourselves in our topics we can lose that outside perspective.

The hurdles aren’t just technical. Some of them may be inside you. And you also need to understand your audience well enough to connect inside them.

You want a guide to help you get your message through with minimum wear and tear and an end result that’ll work well.

Good messages made easier

Broadcast iconYou may be in a small business or a voluntary organisation, or an author or speaker, or thinking about dipping a toe into one of those. That’s just the channel you’re working through. The issues that come up are pretty similar.

People often feel the communication side of things asks them to understand a lot that isn’t the core of their work. And they get caught between recognising that communicating well is important, and wanting to be done with it.

That often goes one of two ways.

  • Plugging away at it, getting into stress and losing your direction.
  • Going for the nearest quick solution so you can tick it off your list, but what you end up with doesn’t appeal to your audience or represent you well.

You want someone to help you understand it and help you get it done, or do it better, or get it finished with minimum time and headache.

Someone who listens to what you need, and translates techy stuff so you can understand it.

Or, perhaps, someone who can work with you to dig down to the roots of your authentic message and help you see how to reflect that in everything you put out.

How I can help

So hi, I’m Tim. I have a broad range of how-to skills in this area, and I’m good at listening and talking to you like a normal person. Well, nearly normal… Here’s a video clip of me talking about the why behind doing this.

I know that people have different needs at different times. Sometimes you want a quick bit of help choosing an ebook cover or coming up with a good title or fixing something. Sometimes you want an in-depth coaching-type conversation to get clearer about what your message really is.
My toolkit has a range of things we can draw on to fit your needs. There’s more about them below. But here’s the core:

  • helpful conversations to explore where you are and what will work for you, using sensitive listening, insightful questions and years of experience in info presentation
  • practical work to move you forward.

Often we’ll agree a package once we’ve talked a bit about where you are and where you want to get to.

The conversation part is always in there somewhere. Even if you have the urge to say, ‘Just fix my website’, not understanding your needs and goals is how problems arise in the first place. So be prepared for some questions and a bit of gentle pushing!

Free discovery session

If we don’t know each other, you may be unsure whether we’ll be a good fit to work together. That’s understandable.

We can have a 30-minute introductory call to get to know each other a bit. We’ll talk about where you’re stuck or frustrated with your message universe, where you’d like to step across to, and how I might be able to help you get there. Whatever the outcome, I hope you’ll come away with a greater confidence that better is possible, and a tip or two to explore.

Get in touch by email to arrange it (and give me an idea of your availability). A couple of sentences about you would be helpful. I tend to check email a couple of times a day.

What I don’t help with: working with the media (except maybe press releases), other forms of PR, public speaking skills. These aren’t where my expertise lies.

Do also check out the Guides and courses section of the site if a pre-packaged learning product will fit your needs.

Website services

If you want a simple information site building from scratch in WordPress, check out the Website Starter package. I guide you through with the minimum of hassle, but we also take the time to explore your message and branding so the final product is a good fit for you and your audience.

If you have an existing WordPress site that needs some work, we can create a Website Renovation package to suit your needs with the same emphasis on a supportive process and getting clearer on your message. Maybe you’ve had the site a few years and what you do has evolved, or it needs bringing up to date with a modern design and a clear structure that serves your audience.

“My website looked tired, old-fashioned and in dire need of renovation so I hired Tim to help me give it a complete makeover.

I would recommend Tim to anyone who needs a helping hand to co-create or recreate their website from top to bottom. He really knows his stuff and explains technical things in a calm, clear and concise manner. Job done!”

Beverley Glick, story archaeologist and public speaking coach

Copy and editing

I have a gift for clear, concise writing, and I can add that touch to your communications while preserving your distinctive voice. Perhaps you’ve got an important report for a client, or your website text needs smoothing out and sharpening up.

I have an excellent eye for detail, and can provide a very thorough proofreading pass. I can also do a more involved edit with suggestions for developing the work. More about copy and editing.

Ebook and print publishing help

If you’ve got insights and experience that you want to crystallise in book form, this page unpacks that a bit and talks about benefits, expectations and how I can help. Read more.

“Tim took on the project of updating my website which had fallen behind the changes I was making to my business. I had imagined Tim would do a little tweaking here and there but what he actually produced was a website that’s more visually appealing, cleaner and easier to navigate.

Tim understands what has the potential to attract or put off visitors. As it turned out, I got a lot more than I’d hoped. Those of us who run our own practices change over time but tend to forget how important our public ‘shop’ is. If yours needs to be updated to harmonise with who you are now and what you offer – then Tim is definitely your man. You can’t do any better.”

Sue Plumtree, life coach working with over-50s


You can mail me at, or phone 0115 922 3439 (please do leave a message – I get a lot of spam calls and tend to screen), or grab my attention on Twitter.

Photo by Ursula Kelly Photography.


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