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Have you got a WordPress site that needs some work? Maybe it’s one that’s served you for a while but doesn’t reflect where you are now. It might need a big transformation or a small amount of polishing.

And you’ve probably been putting off doing anything about it for a while. Lots of other jobs seem more important. Your brain doesn’t want to get into website stuff… and you’ve been looking at it so long you can’t see how to change it anyway.

This custom package is about getting wise perspective and support to freshen your site up.

We’ll look at what you want it to do for you, how to structure the information and how the display theme can reflect your authentic branding. It’ll walk your talk and draw visitors to stick around.

Is this you?

A website is your home base online and your representative when you’re not there in person. It’s a central part of your communication.

So you know it’s important to get it right. And because your work is so much you, you’re looking for someone sensitive and insightful to help you get it sorted.

Common problems include:

  • the display theme doesn’t reflect you and your message (maybe you’ve never delved into what that is and that’s an area to work on)
  • the content has grown organically and needs a better structure
  • it’s confusing or off-putting to visitors
  • the text needs editing to make it flow better and iron out awkward errors
  • someone set it up for you a while ago and you want to feel you’ve got it under control and you know what’s what.

Why work with me?

Tim photoHi, I’m Tim Gray. Here’s what I can bring to working on your site.

  • Listening to what you need and translating techy stuff so you understand what’s going on.
  • Understanding of design and usability so the elements of your site work together to walk your talk and draw in readers.
  • Professional-level editing for your text so readers understand what you’re saying and see that you care about doing a good job.

I’ve been working on websites for years, and these days I just use WordPress as a versatile system that suits most needs. I favour simple, clear designs because they simply do the best job for most clients.

How it works

There’s no standard package for this, as where people are and what they need varies so much.

  • Get in touch to arrange a discovery call to find out what you’re looking for and see if we’re a good fit to work together. (These are free calls of 20-30 minutes.)
  • If we go ahead we’ll have a further clarity session call, to look at your background messages, good colour choices, site structure and content, and more. This is a one-hour call costing £150. We’ll talk about your main concerns and you’ll end up with a good picture of what needs doing on the site.
  • If you want me to do the work on the site I’ll give you a quote for a custom package to carry it out, based on the results of the clarity call. (Because this varies so much I don’t give a fixed price up front – but to do all of a basic ‘brochure’ site tends to be in the range £400-800.)

Beverley GlickMy website looked tired, old-fashioned and in dire need of renovation so I hired Tim to help me give it a complete makeover.

After a helpful initial exploratory session I completed his Background Message Finder exercise, which helped me figure out the design elements and colours that suited my brand, and the journey I wanted to take my audience on.

He then created a detailed proposal, found an elegant new WordPress theme and made it easy for me to reconfigure the pages on my site by making helpful suggestions and creating guidelines so that I wasn’t starting with a blank page. I’m very happy with my site’s classy new look and the fact that its inner workings have been streamlined and decluttered.

I would recommend Tim to anyone who needs a helping hand to co-create or recreate their website from top to bottom. He really knows his stuff and explains technical things in a calm, clear and concise manner. Job done!

Beverley Glick, story and public speaking coach

Tim did a fabulous job helping me upgrade and refresh my website, which I’d not updated for years.

The initial session helped establish a style, and Tim then provided a range of themes, including one which was a perfect fit. He helped me redesign the structure of the site to be much clearer, and that helped me get clearer about what I offer too.

Tim gives a great deal of coaching support and encouragement during the process, which was invaluable. And the ease with which he added all the technical bits and bobs that have been on my wish list for ages, was fantastic (maps, booking calendars, the required cookie message and email sign up).

The intangible side of this is the relief of having a fitting website for people to browse, and a website that I, as business owner, love. Deeply pleased with the end result and the way we got there. Thank you Tim!

Sarah, mountain retreat chief nurturer and coach


Here are some sites I’ve worked on recently. (Click the image to open in a new tab.)

Beverley Glick siteMore To siteElaine Hopkins site

How to take it further

Contact me to set up a discovery call by Skype or phone. I’ll find out where you’re at and we’ll talk about next steps.


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