WordPress security essentials in 10 minutes

I’ve just started to see attempts to hack into my WordPress site. Fortunately I’ve done the steps below so I’m reasonably confident I’ll be OK. As you’ve no doubt realised, the internet has its share of criminals and people who want to spoil it for the rest of us. If […] Read more »

WordPress: it’ll grow as you learn

I recently used WordPress to make a new site for Silver Branch, the channel through which I publish roleplaying games (and the print version of Message Bottle, and possibly more non-game things in future). I used the Catalyst theme framework, which is like a big control panel you use to […] Read more »

Some quick WordPress tips

Been looking at some people’s WordPress sites recently. Here are a few basic tips for making things run smoothly. Let the theme take the strain. A slogan that won’t win marketing awards… But the point of the theme and other appearance settings is to set them up once and then […] Read more »