The age of illumination

Crowd Control cover

This piece is an excerpt from my ebook ‘Crowd/Control’, now available on Amazon. We had the Industrial Age. We had the Information Age, which slid into the Communication Age of putting information to use. We saw ourselves from space as one planet for the first time, and then set about […] Read more »

Crowd/Control – book launched

Crowd Control cover

My new book Crowd/Control is now out on Amazon! Although I like delving into practical communication advice, it’s in the service of social change, and I spend a chunk of time thinking about that. Why is the world like it is? Where are we going? Why haven’t we fixed these […] Read more »

Why Google does what it does

I discovered this interesting post by A J Kohn. Some of the stuff Google does can seem rather odd for a company whose core business is internet searches and advertising. It makes more sense, he says, if you consider that Google’s “evil plan” (tongue in cheek) is to get people […] Read more »