The age of illumination

Crowd Control cover

This piece is an excerpt from my ebook ‘Crowd/Control’, now available on Amazon. We had the Industrial Age. We had the Information Age, which slid into the Communication Age of putting information to use. We saw ourselves from space as one planet for the first time, and then set about […] Read more »

London Book Fair 2013

On Monday and Tuesday I was at this show at Earl’s Court, London. It’s a great big event where the publishing industry converges to show off titles, make deals and discuss the future. I went last year for the first time and enjoyed it, so I was back again, though […] Read more »

The Self-Publishing Conference 2013

Yesterday I was at this event down the road in Leicester. I confess, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about an early start on a Sunday in the snow! I’m glad I went though. There was a good atmosphere and I would happily have chatted to people further – a good indicator […] Read more »

On the pricing of ebooks

I just had this experience. Someone recommended a book. Sounded interesting, might get, wondering about print or ebook format. Grabbed the Kindle sample to test it out, liked what I read. Kindle book price is £11.15. Process stops for further internal debate. By the way, the book in question is […] Read more »

The blind men and the iPad Mini

I refer to the old story from India where several blind men feel different bits of an elephant and pronounce it a rope, a tree, a sail, etc. With only modest crowbar work it’s not a bad allegory for the iPad Mini, which has not been announced by Apple. Yet. […] Read more »

Word Fu

I realised last night that I have something in common with my qigong teacher. Qigong is a Chinese system of movement to improve health. You can use a mental shorthand of “a bit like tai chi” if that helps (though of course there are reasons why it’s inaccurate, like tai […] Read more »

The Radio-Controlled Message Bottle

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I was working on an ebook. I had to hold back on promotion while a formatting glitch was fixed, but now I’m happy to announce that The Radio-Controlled Message Bottle is available from major ebook stores! This is the written-up version of my reflections […] Read more »

Ebook mistakes to avoid

I’ve been looking at quite a few ebooks on my Kindle recently. Some novels, some non-fiction; some by large publishers, some by small self-publishers. I’ve also made an ebook myself – more on that soon – which has given me a more informed perspective. In terms of formatting, the larger […] Read more »

Adventures in ebooks

I’ve been a bit quiet because I’ve been channelling my head resources to creation of an ebook. I don’t mean in the sense of throwing a document out to PDF: I mean a reflowable text publication like you get on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, etc. That’s a new medium for me. […] Read more »