Do you have a one-way website?

One-way website image

There’s a lot of it about. Sites where someone has a bucket of info and just keeps throwing handfuls in the general direction of the audience. They haven’t thought about what those people need to know or how they need it presented so that they feel welcome and get the benefits. […] Read more »

Adventures in ebooks

I’ve been a bit quiet because I’ve been channelling my head resources to creation of an ebook. I don’t mean in the sense of throwing a document out to PDF: I mean a reflowable text publication like you get on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, etc. That’s a new medium for me. […] Read more »

Half of websites have this problem

Surprised at screen graphic

I don’t know whether it’s really half of all sites, but it’s probably around half of the ones I see when I’m browsing around. Let’s say 40-60%. Something that common, you want to know what it is and avoid it on your own site, right? Well, here it is: The […] Read more »