What’s your writing style?

The words you choose and the way you put sentences and paragraphs together combine to make an overall shape, and that shape is the voice your readers perceive for you. The way you write can make a big difference to how easy it is to get your message across, and […] Read more »

Things That Go Bump In Your Site

Haunted house

It’s Halloween! In honour of the occasion I’ve compiled a handy checklist of things to do to SCARE those pesky visitors away from your website! Fog-shrouded mystery Make sure visitors can’t tell what your site is about. Don’t give away any clues! They get spooked and run away. Maze of […] Read more »

7 practical tips for nervous bloggers

nervous blogger image

This is for new or not-so-new bloggers. Do you have ideas for posts and things to say, but find actually writing them takes you out of your comfort zone?  Here are a few practical suggestions. 1. Chop the wall up to make signposts When you’re browsing, what happens if you […] Read more »

The importance of online dating

The other day I gave some feedback on a blog post by a well-known provider of WordPress tools. Sticking my nose in, as is my wont, I suggested that it might be better if the blog displayed the date of posts. It turned out it was there, on the left-hand […] Read more »

WordPress: it’ll grow as you learn

I recently used WordPress to make a new site for Silver Branch, the channel through which I publish roleplaying games (and the print version of Message Bottle, and possibly more non-game things in future). I used the Catalyst theme framework, which is like a big control panel you use to […] Read more »