Your Message Profile workbook

How do you communicate what you do, connect with your audience, and show the real you?

Your Message Profile coverIf you can get those three in balance you’ll have a compelling message that brings you together with the people who are right for you.

This PDF workbook will help you get started thinking about the foundations of your communications.

Other materials like ebooks and courses on the site will help with different practical aspects of creating communications. But you don’t want to be flinging out just any old messages. You want to explore the impressions that show you authentically and connect with your audience, then make the practicalities serve that.

What’s your message profile?

What do you want to say about yourself through your website, documents and promotions? People will pick up cues and form a picture from whatever you put out there.

If you don’t think it through, maybe you’ll miss out something important or unique that would have drawn them in. Maybe you’ll give a message that’s at odds with what you claim to be about, and they won’t quite trust you.

If you know what message you’re working towards, you can plan the materials you create to strengthen that: through what you write, the way you say it, and the way you present it.

What you’ll learn

  • Explore the key features of what you do.
  • Explore your audience’s needs, values and culture.
  • Explore your own distinctive approaches, skills and values.
  • Look at how those connect (or not).
  • Distil ideas for the core of a cohesive message.
  • Gain insight into where problems might lie.

A proper introduction

Tim Gray photoI’m Tim Gray. I’ve worked with words and presenting information for over 25 years.

One of my superpowers is to explain things in a way that’s easy to read and understand, with a dash of humour. I’m fascinated by the ways words and design connect with the ways we think and what happens to messages as a result.

I set up Words That Change The World to help people working for a more sustainable and creative world to write and present their messages.

What you get

Your Message Profile is an 18-page PDF workbook. It’s set out nice and clearly, and gives you a set of exercises to lead you through the learning points above. You’ll need to print it out so you can scribble on it. Allow about an hour to work through.

The price is $10. (Around £8. Payment is via Gumroad. VAT may be added, depending on your location.)

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A cut-down version of this called Background message finder is included with a number of my products and services. If you’re going to get that with another purchase I’d check it out first before deciding whether you want this.


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