How to write a blog post – from ideas to sharing

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If you’re a new or nervous WordPress blogger, this guide helps you through the how-tos of creating a blog post.

WordPress is pretty easy to use, but it has its share of buttons and settings. You’re not sure how to use them all to help you deliver a good post. You just want to get on with writing your posts without spending a lot of time working out the nuts and bolts.

This guide will help you work through the process of creating a blog post from beginning to end. It’s a collection of easy-to-read, concise tips that you can check in with at different stages of the process.

What this is

Tim photoHi, I’m Tim Gray. Basically this product is what I’ve learned through making blog posts myself (like here).

You can get there with less hassle and trial and error than I did. And with the benefit of someone pulling info together and translating techy stuff so you can use it.

It won’t make you a great writer or magically get you lots of traffic. But it should make the processes around working on those less of a hassle, so you can focus on making great posts.

What you get

Here are the sections inside.

  • Gathering ideas – the main types of post and how they’re different
  • Finding your way on the WordPress post page – a quick tour of the screen you’ll use to write your posts
  • Doing the writing – developing your skills and managing the process
  • Packaging it up – images, preparation for social media sharing
  • Sharing your post – email list, search engines, social media.

This revised version is a 22-page pdf, laid out for easy reading on portable devices. It packs plenty of info into the page count, but it’s easy to read and the tone is friendly.

To highlight one part – the social sharing prep is really handy in its own right. It’s finicky stuff you want to get right first time if you can, and it took me a while to suss out so that my blog posts look good on Twitter and Facebook. It would have been much quicker with a guide like this!

You also get a bonus Introduction to WordPress pdf (5 pages), in case you’re not familiar with the fundamentals.


The guide assumes you already have a WordPress site ready to use. Some of the content will be useful for people on other platforms, but this revised version has quite a lot of WP-specific info.

It doesn’t talk about how to set up a website, or how to make that site attractive to your audience, or how to get traffic. It’s just about the process of creating posts.

What they say

On my e-course ‘Design your message into your website’:

Karen Campos“What an attractive package! … The interactive workbook inspired thoughtful choices as I was guided easily through the steps. Everything I need to help me find the right words and deliver an effective message on my site.”

Karen Campos, freelance assistant

Grab it now

The price is $30. (About £24. Payment is via Gumroad. VAT may be added, depending on your location.)

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