How to make PDF downloads they’ll actually want to read

How to make PDF downloads they'll actually want to read - graphic

If your business is online, you’ll be making sign-up freebies or info resources. Here’s help if creating documents isn’t exactly your thing.

You’re not sure how to do a good job, you’re not big on design skills, and you just want some help to make something simple that works. Or you’re ready to develop the skills and just want a quick primer to help you set it up well.

This guide is for you.

Why it matters for your heart-centred business

Everyone tells you get a freebie so people will sign up to your mailing list. But that might be unfamiliar territory. It might be a hurdle for you to do it at all.

Then when you do it, how do you do a good job? Will your audience actually read your download, or will they take a glance and put it aside in the ‘maybe later’ pile? (You know, the one that props up a corner of your hard drive.)

If it’s an important early contact with them, what messages will they pick up about you? If it looks like it was just thrown out there, it may harm the impression you’re trying to build.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a designer, making simple choices consciously can give you a more professional-looking, enticing result.

This is a quick and simple overview to guide you toward making a simple, effective download document.

What’s inside to help you get started

There are two resources in this package.

How to make PDF downloads… – a 14-page guide covering the basics of what PDFs are, notes on what you should put in a download, and a bunch of tips for structuring, writing and laying out your document.

Simple PDF product template – this is a Word document ready set up to give you a simple but attractive document format, if you don’t have the skills or time to set one up yourself. The text styles, spacings, layout etc are done for you, using my experience of simple, effective layout. You just need to tweak fonts and colours if you want to. The document itself contains instructions. When you’ve read it, delete the text and add your own!

(Template document created in Word 2010 on PC, just in case that makes a difference to whether you can use it.)

Get your copy now

The price is $30. (Around £24. Payment is via Gumroad. Please note that if you’re in the EU, inc UK, VAT will be added to this purchase.)

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