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Don’t hunt around the web for the qualities and associations of colours – get them in one user-friendly digest.

Colour affects us.

Of course it’s not so much what colours mean as what meanings we give them. It’s not an exact science, but research tells us that there are indeed common emotions and impressions connected with colours, and that they can affect us powerfully on a subconscious level.

Visual impressions are absorbed and processed much faster than text. So colour is probably the first thing your audience pick up when they see your website, documents or other materials. Then all the rest has that as an emotional frame.

So if you’re an entrepreneur or organisation with an important message, you need to pay attention to the colours you use.

What are the values and approaches you want reflected in your brand? Are you appealing to your audience or putting them off?

What’s in it?

Colour psychology coverThere’s lots of information on the web about the associations of different colours. A lot of it is limited and unsatisfactory, or a bit rambly.

When I made an e-course about design, I searched around different sources and pulled it together in a format that’s got plenty of information but is concise and digestible.

That’s what this product is: a handy reference for colour properties. You can browse it to find the best colours for your project, or use it as a reference to check the colours you’ve already got.

It’s a 17-page pdf, with a full page for each of 12 colours.

> Check out a sample page for the colour blue.


This material is taken from my course Design your message into your website. That’s a more substantial product with info and exercises to build a basic awareness of colour, fonts and layout, and help you put them to work.

What do colours mean? is aimed at people who just want to learn about colour properties. If you do decide later to pick up the full course, there’s a discount code so you don’t pay twice for the same material.

Grab it now

If you’re new to colour psychology this’ll save you a lot of hunting around and putting pieces together (which is what I had to do!).

The price is $10. (About £8. Payment is via Gumroad. VAT may be added, depending on your location.)

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