Guides and courses to help you show up with your message

Here are resources I’ve made to help heart-centred businesses and changemakers with the how-tos of getting in touch with your message and getting it out there.

Topics include writing skills, web design, colour psychology, creating blog posts and making PDF downloadables. The guides are concise, clearly explained and attractively laid out. Click the links to go through to detail pages with checkout buttons.

How to write a blog post coverHow to write a blog post

If you’re a new or nervous WordPress blogger, this guide takes you through the process of creating a blog post from beginning to end, helping you get good results quickly and grow your confidence.

Tips cover gathering ideas, managing the writing and editing process, sorting the fiddly bits to help it do well when you share it, and getting it out there.

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You can say what you do coverHow to make PDF downloads they’ll actually want to read

If your business is online, you’ll be making sign-up freebies or info resources. How do you do that – and how do you make it attractive to readers? Contains two resources.

  • A guide covering the basics of what PDFs are, notes on what you should put in a download, and a bunch of tips for structuring, writing and laying out your document.
  • A Word document giving you a ready-to-use simple but attractive template if design and layout isn’t your thing.

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You can say what you do coverYou can say what you do

Untangle the short introduction/pitch for your heart-centred business. When you’re talking to people you need a quick way to tell them what ballpark you’re in and give hooks so they want to find out more. But talking about yourself this way is really hard for a lot of us!

This guide helps you understand why it can be a struggle, what the intro needs to do, and how to make the process easier. It includes an exercise to follow through to a prototype introduction.

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Website Foundations coverWebsite foundations for stories in action

More important than techy implementation is understanding how your site can draw readers in and get the right messages across.

This three-part guide covers taking ownership of your message, understanding what visitors need so they engage with your site, and putting writing and design to work. Recommended for anyone starting or improving a site.

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What do colours mean coverWhat do colours mean?

Don’t hunt around the web for colour psychology info. Get it in one user-friendly digest. Which colours will walk your talk, and which will sabotage your message?

(This is part of the Design your message course, pulled out for folks who just want a colour psychology reference.)

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Design your message into your website - e-courseDesign your message into your website

A primer on visual design and how it can strengthen or sabotage your message. Visuals are powerful, and whether you’re designing your own site (or documents) or instructing a designer, you need to plan to create the right impressions.

Covers colour, fonts and layout, with easy-to-read info and exercises to help you put it to use in your own site.

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Your Message Profile coverYour message profile

An exercise to help you find authentic background messages about who you are and how you work. These can form the foundation of your communications and help build the bridge to your audience.

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