Copy and editing

Text page symbolWord wrangler for hire! Do you want someone to dive in and overhaul text in your web pages and documents?

If working with words isn’t one of your main skills, bringing in someone with experience and a fresh perspective can take the pressure off you and really help your text to shine. I can see things that you can’t and polish it up much more quickly than you struggling through another six versions!

Good writing:

  • has the right structure to convey information to readers
  • embodies your messages and brand
  • works for your audience and makes them want to keep reading
  • flows well
  • is professional and error-free.

It might be web pages, ebook text, reports, leaflets, promotional materials, online help sections or info for new users.

What I bring to the process:

  • attention to detail for zapping errors
  • stepping into a reader’s perspective to see what works and what they need to know
  • reframing things clearly in plain English
  • listening to your needs and respecting your writing voice.

My background

Radio-Controlled Message Bottle cover imageHi, I’m Tim Gray. Words and me go back a long way.

In the 1990s I was the editor of Nottinghamshire’s Green Network News, and wrote the report for the national gathering of local authority environmental coordinators in 1995. I’ve written and self-published pencil-and-paper roleplaying games, and edited training resources for Citizens Advice.

I’ve even written a book about writing – The Radio-Controlled Message Bottle – writing to communicate.

But it’s not just about the word skills – it’s about working together too.

I listen to what you want from a piece so that we’re working in the same direction. And I know that editing isn’t just about correctness, but letting your authentic voice come through more clearly.

What it costs

I’ll usually give you a package price for the project, once I have a good idea what you’re looking for. As well as how much content there is, I’ll look at the level of help you need for your text, how complex and urgent it is, and how much interaction we’ll need to have.

How to go ahead

Tim Gray headshotPlease email me at (I usually check mail a couple of times a day.)

Tell me what you’re looking for help with. If we don’t already know each other, give me a couple of sentences about who you are and what you do. If the job is working on existing text, it’s usually helpful to see a sample to gauge how much input you need.

Before going ahead I like to arrange a short call, usually via Skype – especially if we haven’t worked together before – so we know we’re on the same page about what you want from the process, formats to use, and so on.


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