The upward path – new site

Just a quick note for anyone flicking through the blog. I’ve now set up another site at The Upward Path as an experiment to blog about making a finer world, including interconnection, psychology, story, personal development, etc. Please do check it out, especially if you like my writing. Posts so […] Read more »

What’s your writing style?

The words you choose and the way you put sentences and paragraphs together combine to make an overall shape, and that shape is the voice your readers perceive for you. The way you write can make a big difference to how easy it is to get your message across, and […] Read more »

Writers’ process blogging tour

This is a virtual ‘tour’ where writers in various arenas share a little about what they do, why and how – then pass the baton to two or three contacts to do the same. This post is my ‘stop’ on the tour. My friend Cherry Douglas of How to Change […] Read more »

7 practical tips for nervous bloggers

nervous blogger image

This is for new or not-so-new bloggers. Do you have ideas for posts and things to say, but find actually writing them takes you out of your comfort zone?  Here are a few practical suggestions. 1. Chop the wall up to make signposts When you’re browsing, what happens if you […] Read more »

“Attendee”? I’m afraid not.

Have you noticed that it’s common for people talking about events to refer to those who come along as attendees? The “-ee” suffix means something happens to you. For example, an employee is someone who is employed by another person or organisation. Attendee actually means someone who is attended – […] Read more »

Let’s have a 121 chat

Have you noticed wording like this appearing? “I also offer 121 coaching.” I guess it’s people aiming to be cool; possibly in some cases a touch of laziness. But here’s what will happen in the reader’s head. – interrupt reading – call up number processing routines – “They offer a […] Read more »

Word Fu

I realised last night that I have something in common with my qigong teacher. Qigong is a Chinese system of movement to improve health. You can use a mental shorthand of “a bit like tai chi” if that helps (though of course there are reasons why it’s inaccurate, like tai […] Read more »