WordPress security essentials in 10 minutes

I’ve just started to see attempts to hack into my WordPress site. Fortunately I’ve done the steps below so I’m reasonably confident I’ll be OK. As you’ve no doubt realised, the internet has its share of criminals and people who want to spoil it for the rest of us. If […] Read more »

WordPress: it’ll grow as you learn

I recently used WordPress to make a new site for Silver Branch, the channel through which I publish roleplaying games (and the print version of Message Bottle, and possibly more non-game things in future). I used the Catalyst theme framework, which is like a big control panel you use to […] Read more »

Google’s quiet launch

Having started talking about the new portable devices that are coming out, I ought to mention the new Google line-up. You could be forgiven for not noticing this had happened. First, Google doesn’t have the Apple frenzy factor. Second, its planned press event in New York a couple of days […] Read more »

The blind men and the iPad Mini

I refer to the old story from India where several blind men feel different bits of an elephant and pronounce it a rope, a tree, a sail, etc. With only modest crowbar work it’s not a bad allegory for the iPad Mini, which has not been announced by Apple. Yet. […] Read more »

Quick update, and exploring Gumroad

Hi folks. First, apologies for the long gap. I had a short holiday, which neatly segued into being ill for a couple of weeks, which meant running low on inspiration! I’ll kick back into gear shortly. Actually, if you have any requests for stuff to cover here, please comment. The […] Read more »

Device season: up the Amazon and beyond

Last week, Amazon had a product announcement event that made a bit of a splash. Its Kindle Fire tablet, which has been very successful in the US, is now in a revised version. It’s also launched the Kindle Fire HD, with a higher-quality screen and other beefed-up specs. For the first […] Read more »

Google Nexus 7 tablet PC

Google has just launched a 7-inch Android tablet. As Google owns the Android operating system, there’s some sense in it having its own brand devices, and the 7″ tablet format is very popular at the moment. The company has teamed with manufacturer Asus to produce something that looks really good […] Read more »