Crowd/Control – book launched

Crowd Control cover

My new book Crowd/Control is now out on Amazon! Although I like delving into practical communication advice, it’s in the service of social change, and I spend a chunk of time thinking about that. Why is the world like it is? Where are we going? Why haven’t we fixed these […] Read more »

The Self-Publishing Conference 2013

Yesterday I was at this event down the road in Leicester. I confess, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about an early start on a Sunday in the snow! I’m glad I went though. There was a good atmosphere and I would happily have chatted to people further – a good indicator […] Read more »

WordPress: it’ll grow as you learn

I recently used WordPress to make a new site for Silver Branch, the channel through which I publish roleplaying games (and the print version of Message Bottle, and possibly more non-game things in future). I used the Catalyst theme framework, which is like a big control panel you use to […] Read more »

On the pricing of ebooks

I just had this experience. Someone recommended a book. Sounded interesting, might get, wondering about print or ebook format. Grabbed the Kindle sample to test it out, liked what I read. Kindle book price is £11.15. Process stops for further internal debate. By the way, the book in question is […] Read more »