The upward path – video blog

It’s an old metaphor. The fork in the road. The point of choice. Do we take the upward path to the world we want to see, or the downward path of fear and short-term convenience? From personal development work helping individuals to campaigning to influence governments, if you are helping […] Read more »


Crowd/Control – book launched

Crowd Control cover

My new book Crowd/Control is now out on Amazon! Although I like delving into practical communication advice, it’s in the service of social change, and I spend a chunk of time thinking about that. Why is the world like it is? Where are we going? Why haven’t we fixed these […] Read more »

Writers’ process blogging tour

This is a virtual ‘tour’ where writers in various arenas share a little about what they do, why and how – then pass the baton to two or three contacts to do the same. This post is my ‘stop’ on the tour. My friend Cherry Douglas of How to Change […] Read more »

Clutter conversations

Golly gosh, I didn’t intend to stay quiet for so long! As some of you know, I moved house in early January, and it took a lot of my mental and physical resources in the run-up, doing it, and the fallout. Of course everything’s a learning experience… Life, luggage and […] Read more »

An origin story

This one is about me, and some of how I got my powers… ;)  It involves ancient history, a conversion experience of sorts, the United Nations, a soapbox and an unfortunate metaphor. At university in the late 1980s I went to some sort of fayre and picked up a series […] Read more »