Your message matters

Fingers with faces

The shape of the world around us isn’t great at the moment. A lot of things that should be right are wrong. That shape comes from how people act, and that comes from how they think, and that comes from their worldview – from deep attitudes to information they just […] Read more »

Agents of S.T.O.R.Y.

Stories at sea graphic

We’re living in a time when old stories of the world are breaking down. More and more people are seeing and feeling it, as a sense of unease at the edges or a head-on reality gap collision. People are hunting for ways of making sense of the world that they […] Read more »

The upward path – video blog

It’s an old metaphor. The fork in the road. The point of choice. Do we take the upward path to the world we want to see, or the downward path of fear and short-term convenience? From personal development work helping individuals to campaigning to influence governments, if you are helping […] Read more »

Hero Country

Do you know the Chinese name for Britain? In many cases the Chinese pick a flattering word that sounds a bit like the native name, and add it to guó, which means “country”. For the UK they based it on England to get yīng guó. (Tone is important for meaning. […] Read more »