The Radio-Controlled Message Bottle

Writing to communicate

The Radio-Controlled Message Bottle - writing to communicateThe information age seems to demand ever more writing in our work and personal lives: emails, letters, reports, essays, websites, blogs, tweets, brochures, tipsheets…

But for most of us, writing to communicate isn’t our main skill. Sometimes it can be like putting your message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea, hoping your audience will see it, understand it, value it and act on it.

In a quick read with a light and humorous style, this book helps you build up the skills and mindset for clear, effective communications that make you look like you know and care what you’re doing.

What’s inside

  • Guiding principles
  • Writing style and process
  • Writing persuasively
  • Layout and design for documents and websites
  • A selection of common grammar and word use mistakes to avoid.

Free sample section

A PDF sampler, taken from the print edition. This is the complete first section, on principles to think about if you want to communicate better. (You can also see the contents list, showing what’s in there).

> Message Bottle sampler


The Radio-Controlled Message Bottle is currently available as an ebook through the Kindle store (eg UK and US). You can get it in PDF at my webstore.

It is also available in print. Many online bookstores list it (inc Amazon – see Kindle link), and it can be ordered using ISBN 978-0957457201.

“This book is an easy read with great tips on how to present your information for your chosen audience and considerations for the delivery method.

It’s also a book you can keep dipping into when you’re writing something where you want to really get your message across.

Tim has a way of laying things out in an easy to follow format and also with a wry sense of humour that reminded me of Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

A great purchase to get you thinking about your written communications and remind you of the dos and don’ts so you can get your message over more effectively.”

Karen Revell, career change and business coach

About the author

Tim Gray has had a chequered career including newsletter editor, project worker, administrator, web publisher, self-employed web designer, and self-publisher. Working with words and presenting information are threads that have run through pretty much all of it, and his work often attracts praise for its clarity, conciseness and attention to detail. Tim is the force behind Words that Change the World, fuelled by shortbread and herb tea. He says this book will help anyone who wants to write good like what he does.


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