Planet of the Bubble People

Why is making a better world so hard?

And why do people get so weird and angry when you try it?

Planet of the Bubble People coverWhat people say and do comes from what’s going on in their heads. How does that work, and how can we influence it? One thing’s for sure, relying on a rational decision-making process of problem-solution doesn’t work.

Tim Gray has been watching environmental and social change communication for thirty years. He thinks the answer is that most of us, most of the time, are driven round on autopilot by our worldviews: our own individual bubbles that determine how we see and respond to the world, and defend themselves fiercely against anything that looks like a challenge.

This short collection of armchair philosophy mini-articles takes a stroll through the ways our brains get in the way of a better world, and how we can change approach to help us get there.


This title is currently available only as an ebook through the Kindle stores, eg UK and US.


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