Two mindsets and the shape of our future

Crowd Control coverWhy is the world like it is? Where are we going? Why are people in positions of power making things worse not better?

This book looks at changes in the world in the recent past and near future, with a particular interest in the psychology that’s driving them. It’s part of my project to understand why we humans are so resistant to solving the problems that face us.

The title comes from the central idea of two powerful mindsets or movements that are pulling in different directions.

The crowd mindset embraces the opportunities of communication beyond borders to connect with people and combine skills and resources to make cool stuff happen.

The control mindset is threatened by the changing world and the loss of familiar structure and privileged positions: it responds by trying to enforce more structure, disregarding the human cost.

The first part of the book sets out these ideas and takes a few side trips. The second part is a set of short articles on the present and future of topics like technology, work, business, health, media, climate and social gaps.

The context for all this is a time in humanity’s history when we are making big choices – consciously or not – between a future on an upward path or a downward one.

It’s a political book with a small ‘p’, with its fair share of anger, criticism and warning. But it’s also hopeful, because growing our understanding might just help us head in a better direction.


Crowd/Control is available as an ebook through the Amazon Kindle stores (inc UK and US).

About the author

Tim Gray has had a chequered career including newsletter editor, project worker, administrator, web publisher, self-employed web designer, and self-publisher. Working with words and presenting information are threads that have run through pretty much all of it, and his work often attracts praise for its clarity, conciseness and attention to detail. Tim is the force behind Words that Change the World, fuelled by shortbread and herb tea.


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