What is branding? It’s not ink and cardboard

Climbing a speech bubble

A lot of people think branding is logos and business cards. But those are just channels and products that reflect your branding. The oft-repeated quote when people talk about personal branding for small businesses comes, ironically, from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. “Your brand is what other people say about you when […] Read more »

Your message matters

Fingers with faces

The shape of the world around us isn’t great at the moment. A lot of things that should be right are wrong. That shape comes from how people act, and that comes from how they think, and that comes from their worldview – from deep attitudes to information they just […] Read more »

Why is it so hard to say what you do?

Hands connecting jigsaw pieces

The introduction or ‘elevator pitch’. Those one or two sentences you prepare for opening networking conversations or adding to your website or materials. On the face of it such a simple thing, but the cause of massive frustration and soul-searching. I’m on a course at the moment about selling (in […] Read more »

The upward path – new site

Just a quick note for anyone flicking through the blog. I’ve now set up another site at The Upward Path as an experiment to blog about making a finer world, including interconnection, psychology, story, personal development, etc. Please do check it out, especially if you like my writing. Posts so […] Read more »

A struggler’s guide to getting visible

Person in spotlight image

If you build it, they will come. Well, maybe. I’m increasingly sensitive to ‘experts’ giving the impression that if you show up – through a website, social media, ebook, networking event or whatever – an audience will appear as if by magic and bear you along on the wings of success. […] Read more »