About me

Hi, I’m Tim Gray. I’m a writer, editor, self-publisher, finer world advocate and geek. I live in Nottingham, UK.

I believe that effective communication and telling the right stories are the keys to making a better world. That’s why I want to help you do it.

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A finer world, one colon at a time

Here’s a ‘big why’! I want to see humanity take the upward path and live together on the Earth, combining the brilliant stuff we can make and do with compassion, integrity and grown-up responsibility. That means overcoming entrenched and outdated habits and worldviews.

And that means messages from people who are working to make things better getting out clearly and powerfully to change what’s in people’s heads. Every inch of helping people to connect with their values, confidence, power and creativity is part of that journey.

I’ve now set up another site at The Upward Path as an experiment to blog about making a finer world, including interconnection, psychology, story, personal development, etc. Please do check it out, especially if you like my writing. It means this site is probably going to have more practical posts but not so often.

More about me

My key values are integrity, excellence and playfulness. I obsess about making things better, have a truly annoying level of attention to detail and am a terrier-like problem solver. People tell me I have a distinctive sense of humour.

In various personality profiling schemes I count myself as a highly sensitive person (HSP), an introvert (recharging my energy from trees rather than discos), a ‘scanner’ (flitting between interests in lots of things), and a Mechanic profile in Wealth Dynamics. A few years ago I would just have said I was generically confused!

Likes: new ideas, shiny techy things, ancient mythology, fantasy and science fiction and superheroes, tabletop roleplaying games, strategy/’euro’ boardgames, plants and animals, walking, good vegetarian food, Thai food, noseying around new places, and learning stuff.

Dislikes: things done badly, climate change, injustice and suffering, unfulfilled potential, political incompetence, bad vegetarian food, ignorance and boredom.

A words origin story

Someone asked me the other day where my thing about words and writing came from. It took a moment to get over the speedbump from examining something so fundamental!

My mum taught me to read before I went to school. She said that I was obviously ready and wanting to. There’s a family story that we went to meet the headmistress of the junior school prior to starting, and she remarked on me looking at pictures in a book, and Mum had to get me to demonstrate that I was actually reading it.

I think it’s to do with the sorts of patterns that my built-in programming likes. Language appeals to me in itself. But a big part of its appeal is the way that it can transmit and shape ideas – from science fiction novels to blog posts. And if you’re an introvert, writing gives you time to develop your ideas and sculpt them, in a way that face-to-face doesn’t.

The story so far. Fire the writers!

I’ve had a very varied work experience. You couldn’t really call it a career, but there are common threads about about information, communication and making things better, and it’s brought me into contact with people from all walks of life.

Here’s some stuff I’ve done.

  • Doing-everything worker for local networks on environmental activities and faith groups.
  • Networking and planning in local sustainability processes following the 1992 Earth Summit, alongside people from public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Compiling, editing and designing the environmental newsletter for Nottinghamshire.
  • Self-taught web design in the days before WordPress. Freelance work mainly site set-up and training for voluntary groups and issue-based partnerships.
  • Writing, editing, laying out and self-publishing tabletop roleplaying game books for pdf and print.
  • Succession of roles with Citizens Advice, working on web publishing, training materials and admin.


Photo by Ursula Kelly Photography.


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