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It’s an old metaphor. The fork in the road. The point of choice. Do we take the upward path to the world we want to see, or the downward path of fear and short-term convenience?

From personal development work helping individuals to campaigning to influence governments, if you are helping to make things better you are part of the same big picture. And you need to get better at broadcasting your messages over the noise.



I wanted to ‘nudge’ myself into doing some video work, and I thought the best place to start was with this.

‘The upward path’ started as a bit of a placeholder concept while I was working on other things. But I’ve come to realise it’s a pretty good label for the big picture that is my ‘why’ – and that it’s important to talk about in its own right as part of my own body of messages.

(I’ve also been sharing word-graphics on Twitter under #upwardpath – and Facebook with the tag used less consistently!)

There was a false start with uncooperative technology, and a surprising amount of resistance around being visible, but I think it’s turned out pretty well. Do leave feedback about the content or cinematography in the comments!


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  1. Joy says:

    Hi Tim
    Well done for getting through your resistance and forging ahead. You come across as very genuine and as someone who is on a mission. There was some going in and out of focus on camera that was slightly distracting along with you turning your head away a few times. I liked your human-ness in forgetting a point :-) … helped me connect more than if you were focused on being ‘professional’. I left feeling that I wanted you to lead me more on exactly what you want to do and I personally would have preferred you to use the word ‘you’ instead of the word ‘people’ … it would have felt like you were talking to me
    Wishing you the best of luck with your great adventure
    Joy Idries

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